Escape the Pharaoh’s Tomb

In the 1920’s, explorer, Howard Carter, discovered the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamun.
It was filled with a range of wondrous objects, jewellery and of course the body of Tutankhamun himself – it is regarded as one of the greatest ancient finds in history.
When recovering the artefacts from the tomb, Howard discovered that there was one object missing… the legendary GOLDEN SCARAB.
The Golden Scarab was the prized possession of The Pharaoh – he carried it with him everywhere and it is said that it holds ancient powers – including the ability to curse those that interfere with The Pharaoh’s tomb. When Howard removed the body of the Pharaoh to be placed into the museum – he separated The Pharaoh from his Golden Scarab, thus unleashing the curse upon the world.
The problem is Howard Carter disappeared before he could find the Golden Scarab – many say that this was the result of King Tut’s curse… who knows, eh?
Many years have passed and after extensive searching, research teams have given up on finding both Howard and the Golden Scarab. Afraid of the curse effecting anyone else – The Egyptology Council now plan to bury the tomb in sand for good to stop any more curses from plaguing the world.
You have just 45 minutes to get into the tomb, solve the puzzles and get to the Golden Scarab before construction workers shut the tomb forever… WITH YOU INSIDE!
This will then mean that the Golden Scarab can be returned to The Pharaoh and he can finally make his way safely to the afterlife and peace will be restored to the world!
Good luck, intrepid explorers! Can you beat the Hourglass? 




45 Minutes


1-4 Players