Escape the Pirate Ship


You and your motley crew of scallywags are on your latest voyage across the Caribbean Sea searching for hidden treasures to plunder. The rum is flowing, the shanty’s are being sung and stories of  the elusive, priceless and magical “Dead Man’s Totem” are being told.

You see a ghostly ship in the distance approaching and you and your crew will be damned if you ain’t taking whatever they’ve got. After you’ve climbed aboard this vessel, you realise that there is nothing onboard apart from a mysterious treasure chest – Could it contain The Dead Man’s Totem? It’s time to find out! But before you can put your hands on the chest a ghostly Captain’s voice cries out and the door locks behind you! The ship begins sinking into the dark depths of Davy Jones’ Locker and you and your crew are doomed to face a watery death.

With 1 hour until your vessel becomes a sunken wreck you have to solve the puzzles to open the chest, obtain the Dead Man’s Totem inside which will lead you to opening the locked exit hatch in the hull of the shipand escaping as a crew of Immortal Pirate Legends!… what’s the matter? AFRAID TO GET WET!?







1 Hour


1-4 participants